en-How to repeat the Miracle of Bern

How to repeat the Miracle of Bern

In principle, events are unrepeatable. After all, Helmut Rahn can only score the Bern Miracle goal once. And that’s the way it is with all events: Even small stumbles, wrong passes or technical errors can quickly multiply and jeopardize the entire success. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we founded the concept pilots.

Concept pilots? Why and for whom?

As concept pilots, we support companies and organizations that design and implement their events primarily with their own resources. We minimize event risks, discover omissions at an early stage and close security gaps. Together we ensure that your event becomes a second Miracle of Bern!

What do the concept pilots offer?

With the services of the concept pilots, you get a second look at your project and thus maximum planning security – with a manageable amount of time and investment on your part.

How do we proceed?

How do the concept pilots proceed?

We become part of your team for a clearly defined period of time. You bring us on board at the moment when risks to project and concept security can still be averted. You remain the captain, because we are not pirates and do not board concepts. That means your creative concept remains untouched by us.

Our task is to provide you with a second opinion to point out possible shoals and risks in your overall project and, if necessary, to recommend course corrections. This is usually the phase before contracts are signed with your project partners.

In a non-binding initial meeting, you present your event to us. In return, we define the scope of our expertise and provide you with a quote. Once we have been commissioned, the next step is for you to provide us with all the necessary planning information for your project: project and resource planning, timelines, draft contracts. We check, evaluate in detail, prepare a risk analysis, document everything and finally give you recommendations for the further project phase up to the event.

After that, we get off the boat again.

Who are the two heads of the concept pilots?

frank hedemann

Frank Hedemann learned the hotel and catering business from scratch. Via Berlin, Hanover, Frankfurt and Cologne, he went to Neuss / Dusseldorf – into what was then Germany’s largest congress hotel. As congress director, he was responsible for countless types and sizes of events here for over 30 years.

Through his blind understanding of all interlocking processes and his analytical thinking, he quickly recognizes the reality between requirement, statement and actual performance of hotels and catering companies. Always with the goal of finding solutions for a successful common path for all parties.

joerg seng

Jörg Seng started in of one of the largest event agencies in Germany. His formative direction was soon determined by the ‘rock stars’ of the industry, two Dutchmen who won almost every major pitch in the 90s. After further stations at international agencies, he started his own business more than 20 years ago.

As a ‘translator’ he has the competence to read creative ideas and to quickly transfer their consequences to implementation and budget. His self-image is always a commitment to concept fidelity with a passion for the smallest detail up to the final implementation.


In all these years we have of course implemented events, trade fairs and special events with different requirements and sizes for many well-known companies. But here it is all about you and your event!

Of course, you are welcome to view our references upon request.


Somewhat exaggerated and loosely based on Douglas Adams, ‘those who want to develop something completely foolproof usually underestimate the ingenuity of their comrades-in-arms’, we can laugh today about the development of some of our projects. We do not want to withhold examples from you. In any case, these shoals and sandbanks strengthened our experience and competence.

International Gala Evening. 1,000 guests arrive directly after a long trade fair day. A full evening’s entertainment awaits, with top-quality catering. Service staff and chefs are well prepared and well informed. And with the opening of the hall doors, chaos took its course . . .

Company anniversary with celebrities and top artists. 1,200 guests with personal invitation from the board. Everything had been meticulously organized and planned weeks in advance. But with the dress rehearsal on the morning of the event, it became clear to everyone that the entire program had to be changed immediately . . .

Davis Cup Tennis Tournament. Sold-out hall and countless spectators in front of their TV sets. Exclusive catering for the VIP areas and catering for the players. Everyone is on stand-by – it’s time for the first serve! But no player enters the Center Court . . .

It was to be the surprise at the beginning of a great evening program: a special train as transfer of the guests to the industrial location! The specially built platform was in sight. Only one more meter and then the train had to stop unscheduled . . .

Kick Off event with over 1,000 guests. The location is an airplane hangar that can be heated, according to the landlord. The thermometer drops well below minus 10° Celsius the night before the event. In the neighborhood, the Golden Camera is awarded. And the phones are ringing off the hook . . .

We would be happy to tell you how the stories ended and are very much looking forward to a dialogue!

frank hedemann und joerg seng